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Getting Acquainted with Our Team

Gopal Kumar

The visionary Founder of WebZyro Technologies Private Limited. With over 12 years of international digital marketing expertise, he excels in crafting ROI-focused strategies.

Anup Kumar

Meet our SEO Head with over 5 years of experience. An expert in optimizing online visibility and driving organic traffic, he leads our digital success.

Prashant Mishra

Our Marketing Head is a visionary strategist. With a proven track record, he drives our marketing efforts with creativity, precision, and unwavering dedication.

Vivek Kumar

Our Technical Consultant with over 12 years of experience. His expertise ensures innovative solutions and impeccable guidance for your projects.


A Seasoned Content Writer at WebZyro, crafts compelling web content with finesse. Her expertise drives engagement, elevates brands, and sparks meaningful connections with audiences.

Saket Mishra

Sr. SEO Executive at WebZyro, leverages his expertise to optimize websites for enhanced visibility. His keen eye for analytics drives strategic SEO solutions.

Shubham Kumar

Sr. SEO Executive at WebZyro, thrives on optimizing web content for top-notch rankings. His dedication to keyword research and SEO strategies fuels online success.

Vikash Kumar

SEO Executive at WebZyro, is a master of SEO techniques. His focus on link building and on-page optimization boosts website traffic and performance.

Amrit Parmar

SEO Executive at WebZyro, excels in crafting SEO strategies that drive organic growth. His proficiency in content optimization delivers compelling online experiences.

Chandan Yadav

SEO Executive at WebZyro, is a search engine optimization maven. His commitment to data-driven decisions and technical SEO skills enhances online presence effectively.

Sajda Fatma

She is a proficient social media management associate at WebZyro, excels in content strategy, engagement, and analytics, fostering online success with her creative and data-driven approach.

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