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Here are some of our valuable clients. We are happy to have helped them with our services and are grateful for their belief in us. We focus entirely on relationships as we strive to build strong connections with our clients. Their growth is our primary goal.

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Railrestro Railrestro

Railrestro, an online food delivery platform for train travelers, receives support from Webzyro in enhancing their online visibility and boosting sales by up to 200%. Our services include SEO for increased organic reach, lead generation, and ranking; Social Media Optimization for brand awareness, competitive analysis, and engagement; and content marketing for audience engagement and long-term results. With our assistance, RailRestro experiences significant revenue growth, solidifying its position as a premier choice for railway food services.

SMK Ride SMK Ride

SMK Ride, a renowned cab service provider in Bihar, partnered with Webzyro to enhance their online presence, brand awareness, app installations, and website development. Through our SEO service, we assisted SMK Ride in boosting their online presence and generating high-quality leads by 400%, leaving competitors behind. Our website development service provided them with a responsive and creatively designed website with a user-friendly interface. With Social Media Marketing, we helped them stabilize brand awareness and increase customer engagement on social media by up to 800%. Through our app installation campaigns, we increased app downloads and generated reviews. Additionally, with our GMB optimization, we enhanced their profile, resulting in more leads and higher rankings.

HumToHaiNa HumToHaiNa

A flourishing online home services provider in Bihar, engaged with the services of Webzyro to enhance its online visibility, app installs, and leads. Through Webzyro's SEO and social media campaigns, HumToHaiNa experienced a substantial surge in website traffic by 500% and sales by 200%, helping them establish a strong online presence and brand awareness. With the app install campaign, we increased app installations by 600%. They are now one of the leading home service providers in Bihar.

Railmitra Railmitra

RailMitra, an online railway service app, provides information about live train status, PNR status, train tickets, and even food delivery on trains. We assist RailMitra in generating millions of traffic with our online presence. Leveraging Webzyro's expertise in digital marketing, RailMitra has witnessed remarkable growth in website traffic, user engagement, and conversions. This collaboration has propelled RailMitra to new heights in the railway services sector.

Ecatering App Ecatering App

A thriving food delivery platform partnered with Webzyro for website development, aiming to enhance its online presence and brand awareness. Leveraging Webzyro's expertise in website development, SEO, social media marketing, and website optimization, the partnership drives increased user engagement and customer acquisition. This propels the E-Catering App to new heights in the competitive food delivery industry with an eye-catching website and creative strategies.

Food On Track Food On Track

A renowned online food delivery service, partnered with WebZyro Digital Marketing Agency to enhance its online presence and customer reach. With WebZyro's expertise in SEO, social media marketing, and website optimization, Food on Track experienced significant growth in traffic and revenue, solidifying its position as a top player in the industry.

Dalmia Solar Dalmia Solar

Dalmia Solar, a solar energy company, partnered with Webzyro to enhance their online presence, increase brand awareness, and generate quality leads through our social media marketing and GMB services. We aided in establishing a strong online presence, raising brand awareness, and fostering engagement through our social media campaigns. Through GMB, we assisted them in securing a position in the top three listings for solar energy companies, enabling them to generate high-quality leads and enhance their map presence with authority.

Shekhar ENT Clinic Shekhar ENT Clinic

The ENT Clinic, renowned for Dr. Arpana Shekhar, an ENT doctor in Patna, acquired our website development, GMB, and social media marketing services to enhance its online presence. We provided them with one of the best high-quality websites with a form included, assisting them in user engagement and raising awareness of their clinic's name through our social media marketing. With our GMB optimization, we helped them become the top ENT clinic in Patna, leaving their competitors behind.

Yescom Yescom

A dynamic e-commerce company partnered with Webzyro to boost its online presence and engagement. Webzyro's strategic expertise in SEO, social media, and content marketing drives Yescom's growth, elevating their brand visibility and increasing website engagement. With Webzyro, they achieve remarkable success in the digital landscape.

Arthrocare Clinic Arthrocare Clinic

An orthopaedics clinic renowned for Dr. Abhishek Kumar Das, the best orthopaedics surgeon, partnered with Webzyro for website development, enhancing their clinic's name awareness and patient leads. Through our website development services, our team provides the best website showcasing his expertise with creativity. Additionally, with social media marketing, we help them establish great brand awareness through engagements and interactions. With our GMB (Google My Business) service, we assist them in becoming one of the top 20 orthopedic doctors in Patna within just 2 months, starting from nowhere.

Krishna Dance Academy Krishna Dance Academy

A dance and art academy based in Patna acquired our website development, social media marketing, and GMB services to enhance their online presence and brand awareness. We assisted them in creating an eye-catching website and generating high-potential leads from GMB, surpassing competitors on high-volume keywords. Through social media marketing, we helped them establish brand awareness and engagement, resulting in a 600% increase.

Sushrut Healthcare Sushrut Healthcare

A healthcare clinic specializing in orthopedics and ENT services had an online presence but was not generating leads. They acquired our GMB service to generate leads. We helped them increase leads from 10 to 70 per month in 3 months by optimizing their profiles and posting high-quality content.

Karuna Ortho Hospital Karuna Ortho Hospital

An orthopedic hospital acquires our website development and GMB services. With our website development service, we provide them with a responsive website featuring high-quality creatives and leading forms. With our GMB service, we help them beat their competitors and become one of the top 5 orthopedic hospitals in Patna within 1 month, generating great high-quality leads.

Aura Aura

A premier hair salon & spa, partnered with Webzyro for their online presence. With a commitment to excellence in beauty and wellness services, Aura relies on Webzyro's expertise to enhance its visibility and reach in the digital landscape, ensuring clients receive top-notch services.

Waffcha Waffcha

A thriving bakery entrusted Webzyro to elevate its online presence. Through SEO optimization, engaging social media campaigns, and a user-friendly website redesign, Webzyro propelled Waffcha to new heights, boosting brand awareness and customer engagement. Together, we've sweetened Waffcha's success.

DPS Genius DPS Genius

One of the best playschools in Patna is striving to establish brand awareness and engagement, so they acquired our social media marketing and GMB services. We assisted them in establishing their brand presence as they were new here and improving their social media engagement. With GMB, we optimize their profile, allowing users to gain valuable insights about their school and generate high-quality leads through calls and website clicks.

Speedcrafts Speedcrafts

A leading manufacturer of construction equipment, partnered with Webzyro to enhance its online presence. Webzyro's expertise in SEO, social media, and web design helps Speedcrafts reach a wider audience and drive increased traffic, ultimately boosting their business and revenue.

AR Refrigeration AR Refrigeration

A refrigeration spare parts shop in Patna acquired our GMB service to target their local audience. We helped them with their GMB profile optimization, enabling them to become the top spare parts seller in their region within one month, with high-quality leads and a 300% boost in sales.

Rare Window Rare Window

Rare Window, an upcoming restaurant and café in Boring Road, Patna, partnered with Webzyro for their brand awareness and online presence before the launch. They acquired our website development services, social media optimization, and GMB Service. We helped them with brand awareness and online presence through our social media and GMB services, along with an attractive website showcasing their mesmerizing interiors.

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