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What is On-page SEO? Why it is Important for Search Engine Optimization?

On-page SEO is the process of identification of onsite errors on any specific landing page or the entire website and fixing those issues from the backend to make it favorable for search engines and online visitors.  A highly optimized webpage or website is the first preference for Google to crawl and index.

Why On-page SEO is Important?

On-page SEO is one of the components of the entire SEO process but one of the most important factors that form the base of keyword ranking and organic traffic. There are major onsite elements that need deep check and rectification for:

  • The search engine to recognize and index your website
  • Give the website top-ranking status on the SERP (Search engine Page result)
  • Understanding the user intent and optimizing the website for users and search engine
  • Delivering better search results matching the query of the users

You cannot simply ignore the on-page errors on your website as they are the most important elements that Google or any other search engine takes into consideration. Where off-page SEO or link building relates to creating backlinks on other websites for better website health, On-page SEO or on-site SEO is about optimizing your website for the search engines by improving onsite health.

What SEO Experts at WebZyro Do for You?

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SEO Audits

Is your site not performing well for Google rankings? What if you cannot make your website crawl and index? In such cases, you need an SEO expert’s help who can perform a complete on-site audit. The WebZyro team, through their vast experience in SEO auditing list out every onsite error in the first phase of auditing and starts rectifying them in the second phase. Our rich experience in SEO is the asset that we use in serving our client’s digital needs.

SEO Consulting

Search engine optimization is a long-term, but a result-oriented process where search engines crawl and index your website to provide it with a keyword ranking. WebZyro provides SEO consulting services to the clients and our team gives complete focus on every technical and non-technical part of the website. We believe in a healthy discussion with our clients and consulting them on the best opportunity they can achieve from their website and our consulting service.

National SEO

Are you operating a national business? Are you selling and delivering your products and services all over India? You need National SEO services to reach your potential online audience. At WebZyro, we have a team of SEO Experts that specifically work for national and global Search engine optimization of websites. So, if you cannot afford to lose your customer online, we are there for the National SEO service of your website.

Keyword Research:

Is it easy to decide for a layman which keyword to choose for search engine optimization? The answer is NO! It’s an SEO consulting firm or an SEO expert who uses keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, SEMrush, or other tools to get a volume of keywords and choose the best keywords related to website service/products and users’ search intent.

E-commerce SEO

It is tricky to manage an e-commerce website having thousands of pages. You need a team that can handle the E-commerce website regularly to avoid any critical errors and get the website penalized. WebZyro E-commerce SEO experts do it for you. Our team optimizes your website and makes sure that it is audited every day to avoid any errors that can hamper your keyword ranking, leads, or sales.

Blog Management Services:

When it comes to updating your website regularly, blogs are the best way to promote your product and service or create informational content about the industry. Also, if you are a blogger, you need to manage your blog posting schedule, interlinking, promotion techniques, etc. At WebZyro, we have a team of efficient content writers who curate content (blogs and articles) and manage the posting, marketing, and promotion of your blogs. Our blog management service is managed by our content team experts who have experience of 15+ years of writing.

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On-Page SEO services by WebZyro- How Do We help Our Clients?

Search Engine Optimization is the best method that drives relevant traffic to the website and earns quality leads for your business. However, it is possible only if you have an optimized website with a perfect on-page SEO strategy. At WebZyro, we focus on:

The Goal of On-Page Optimization:
The ultimate goal of WebZyro SEO experts for on-page SEO optimization is to identify and rectify any onsite error to help Google to rank your website at the top of the search results. To achieve the SEO ranking goal, our team:

  • Research SEO Keywords
  • Does complete SEO Site Audit
  • Rectify all the onsite errors
  • Submit your website to Google for crawling, indexing, and Ranking  

Continuous Optimization of Your Website:
Those who think that onsite optimization is a one-time process, are wrong. At WebZyro, our team deeply scans your website from every perspective and strives for resolving them on time. We ensure that your website is running smoothly and Google prefers it for keyword ranking. From SEO-optimized content to keyword researching, and coding to timely on-page audits, our team does it for you. Your website should be error-free for Google and we optimize it to indicate to Google that your business is the best.

Website Health Checks:
When it comes to on-page services by WebZyro, we leave no stones unturned in auditing your site and listing out the onsite error that needs correction. From webpage content to indexing issues, & from loading speed to device friendliness, our SEO team is involved in strategic and technical support to our clients and conducts website health checks at regular intervals to keep your website fit for search engines.  

We Value Your Time and Investment:
We know the value of the time, effort, and investment you have done on your website. Our team at WebZyro ensures that your investment should not go in vain. We optimize your website and make it ready for the search engines to index and rank on the top SERP results. Your investment in the website is our asset and our SEO on-page optimization strategies will earn high valuable traffic, leads, and conversions for your business. 

What Are the Most Important On-Page SEO Elements?

Multiple on-page SEO factors contribute to keyword ranking and the list is inclusive. It is better to prepare an on-page SEO checklist and start an SEO audit to analyze several onsite issues like:  

Page Title and Meta Description:
Each webpage has a page title of 60 characters and a meta description of 160-170 characters that defines what the webpage is all about. It is one of the major factors as they contain the primary keyword in their text. If your website does not have meta descriptions, google crawlers will ignore indexing them for ranking. On-page SEO checker tools will help you in auditing on-page SEO errors. Two major factors determine meta description and page title:

  • Relevancy with the content, product, and services
  • Length of the page title and meta description.

Heading Tags:
Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, and so on) are the headlines used for the webpage content. One of the best practices is to include the primary keyword in the H1 tag and thereafter use more keywords in the H2, H3, and H4 tags. Keep an eye out if there are no heading tags on your website. Place a keyword-rich H1 tag for better optimization.

  • Do not use one keyword multiple times to create heading tags
  • It should not be a single word even if it is a keyword
  • Map the headings tags as per the relevancy of the entire page content.
  • Use subheadings in the content to utilize a greater number of search terms in the heading tags.

Content on the Page:
The webpage content is one of the most important factors that search engines and users look for the relevance of the page. It is the main element that defines your products or services in detail.  Proper formatting and good content are required for the search engines and users to understand what you are offering. Format your content in a story type style is the best-structured way to publish your content: You can use:

  • Different fonts, colors, and Paragraphs. Break your content into short paragraphs.
  • Bullet points to express tips and tricks
  • Sprinkle keywords in keeping in mind the keyword density and keyword proximity
  • Interlink your content with other webpages

Image Optimization:
Web images are now mostly preferred as they are the lightest version that reduces the website loading speed. High-resolution images in this format are perfect for the webpages. The image should have an alt-tag that defines the content of the image for the search engines. Also, the title tag is for online users or visitors.

URL Structure:
Users will love to click on those URLs that give them a clear picture of the page or its related services. It is recommended to use keyword-specific URLs and keep the length optimum.  The URL should be properly structured and readable by humans and crawlable by search engine spiders.  

Internal linking:
The website content must create a link juice that works as an added advantage. When pages are interlinked with other internal and relevant pages, it creates a network of link juice, and google crawlers also prefer crawling those sites that have relevant interlinking. 

Website Loading Speed:
It is the most important factor that shows the time taken by the webpage to load for its users. The average loading time is considered to be less than 2 seconds which means as the user clicks on the URL, the webpage should open in less than two seconds. If not, the users will bounce creating a high bounce rate and less average session time. Also, visual stability matters a lot like stable images, content, and any CTA buttons used.  

Many tools measure the device-friendliness of your website and mobile application. It is important as the entire user experience depends on the look and feel of the website. For Google, the mobile-friendly site and app are the first preference for ranking.  

Custom on-page SEO Services By WebZyro

WebZyro is the best digital marketing agency that provides custom on-page SEO services to its clients where they get full on-page optimization service as per their needs. We conduct meetings with our clients every week to discuss the opportunities they can have by optimizing their websites. Our team

  • Conducts regular on-page audits of our client’s website
  • Make the website rank and reachable to the online viewers looking for it
  • Implement every technical SEO requirement and make the website perfect to crawl by search engines
  • Drive organic traffic and goal conversions from the website


Does on-page optimization contribute to overall SEO efforts?
Yes! All you need to do is to connect with the best SEO consulting firm.
Connect with the WebZyro team and get a preliminary website analysis report for free. Call us at +91 75420 25436 or write to us at [email protected]. Our team of SEO experts will discuss this with you over a cup of coffee.