Maximize Online Presence With Google Business Profile Best Practices 2024

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Google Business Profile Best Practices 2024

Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), is a free tool that allows any business to list itself on the Google platform and the best tool to focus on Local SEO strategy. It appears on Google searches and Google Maps. Google is the most popular search engine, having a Business Profile on Google can greatly benefit your business, particularly if you target local users. With this free business tool, you can list your business, provide updates, offer services, and share other relevant information about your business. You must be wondering what if I don't have a physical shop? Can I still create a free Google Business Profile? Yes, you can. Google prioritizes user satisfaction. Imagine a user searching for electrician services and finding an electrician, and you offering those services. Isn't it convenient for the user to contact you using your business profile? Therefore, even if you don't have a physical shop, you can still create a Google Business Profile just to connect with potential customers.

How to Set Up Google Business Profile on Your Own?

You can set up a Google Business profile in just a few simple steps. All you need is a Gmail account, business name, business phone number, business address, and optionally, a website.

  • Visit the official Google Business Profile Page.
  • Click on "Manage Now" and proceed with providing your "Official Business Name".
  • Select your business category and provide other information such as your business address and pin location, and fill out all the required details.
  • Finally, verify your business profile through one of these options phone number OTP verification, video verification, or mail verification.

Once you've completed the verification process, your business will go live within a few minutes. If not, please wait for 24-48 hours, as some business categories require additional verification steps.

Why Google Business Profile is Important for Businesses?

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows you to connect with your users and help your business grow without spending any money. After creating a Google business profile, your business gets discovered in local searches and Google Maps. Users don't need to visit your physical location to get insights into your business. With calls-to-action such as calls, directions, or website clicks, your potential customers can easily locate your business. You can check the performance of your Google Business Profile by accessing the "Performance" option on its dashboard. It also helps in building trust with your users. This free business profile can generate more revenue for your business. With this online communication channel, you can effectively grow your business, you just need to follow Google's guidelines while managing this profile, including additional verification steps.

Best Practices to Avoid Google Business Profile Suspension

Always follow Google’s guidelines if you want to avoid your business profile being suspended. Provide accurate business information, use your official business name, and avoid using misleading information if you don't want your Google business profile to disappear from search results or maps.

Here are some best practices to follow while managing a Google Business Profile to avoid suspension:

Business Name

Suppose your business name is "Webzyro Technologies" and you've created a business profile with the Business name "Webzyro - Best Digital Marketing Agency in Patna". Here, you've added the keyword "Best Digital Marketing Agency in Patna" to improve your ranking on Maps or Google searches. However, this is not a good practice. When Google identifies this, they will penalize your Google Business Profile.

Business Category

Suppose Webzyro provides "Digital Marketing services". To achieve a higher rank, Webzyro might add additional categories unrelated to their niche, like "Appliance Repair Services". However, Google can identify this mismatch and penalize your Business profile. Always make sure your categories are relevant to your business niche. You can add up to 10 categories in your Google Business profile, with 1 primary and 9 additional categories.

Business Information

You run a restaurant that does not provide home delivery. However, your business profile states otherwise, indicating that you offer home delivery. Consequently, when users search for 'food delivery restaurant' and find your Google Business listing, they may call expecting delivery service. However, if you deny providing this service, it can lead to disappointment for the user. Such misleading information can lead to user dissatisfaction. So Google may take action if users report your business for providing misleading information about your services.

Avoid Posting Prohibited Content

Google takes strict action against spammy, misleading, and fraudulent posts. Therefore, refrain from using spammy words, keyword stuffing, adding other phone numbers, or including spammy website links in your posts. Always use ethical or white hat SEO techniques to rank your business profile in search results. If you're facing difficulties in ranking your Google Business Profile (GBP), contact us today. Our digital marketing specialists will help you achieve a higher rank on search result pages

Multiple Listings of the Same Business

Google only allows one listing for one physical location. Therefore, avoid creating multiple Google Business Profiles for the same physical store to appear in Google search results from different locations. You can have multiple Google Business profiles if you have multiple physical stores, each supported by appropriate documentation.

Monitor and Respond to Bad Reviews

Imagine you've received a negative review on your business profile, and you feel frustrated. Instead of reacting impulsively, remain calm and respond to the review professionally. Avoid using inappropriate language, focusing on addressing concerns respectfully.

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