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What Is SEO Consulting and Why It Is Important for Your Business?

SEO consulting means hiring a dedicated SEO expert or an SEO consulting company to improve your website’s health and indicate the search engine to index the website and place it on top position ranking. When online visibility of the business is concerned, these SEO experts and their SEO consulting services are the saviors.

Why are SEO consulting services required for business?

Businesses need to have an online presence for users’ search queries in today’s digital age. To make it visible to users, you need an SEO expert or SEO consulting services that will focus to work on Google ranking factors to enhance your website’s ranking.  SEO Consultants work on:

  • Detailed Website Audit to work on 300+ onsite errors
  • Competitors analysis to understand how the competitors apply SEO strategies.
  • On-Page optimization where the SEO Experts start fixing on-page errors
  • Keyword research and optimization as per search competition (low, medium, or high)
  • Draft Content marketing strategies for business promotion
  • UX/UI recommendations along with ideal loading speed limit time
  • Link-building strategy and consultation services for the website
  • Reporting to the client via high-end SEO reports

When SEO consulting is concerned, you need the best SEO consultant to commence with and treat your website to rule the top position of the search engines.      

Why Do You Need a Full-Time SEO consultant for your Business?

Search Engine Optimization is turning complex. Google always updates its algorithm (Panda and Penguin) and gives keyword ranking to the websites that are under their ranking factors. Here comes the importance of an SEO consulting firm in tracking these algorithm moves and making your website search engine friendly. There’s no doubt that your website needs full-time attention from SEO experts for better optimization techniques. Their monthly tasks and activities include:

  • Advisory services on search engine practices and help you to avoid any unnatural practices
  • Recommend on-page and content related changes and implement updates
  • Track Google analytics, search console, and data from SEO tools to draft an SEO strategy
  • Prepare an effective backlink strategy for the website.
  • Prepare monthly reports and action plans for next month in advance
  • Track the website improvement and timely report to the client about SEO consulting and strategy.

Expert SEO Consulting Services- Driving Traffic and Ranking to Make your Business Grow:

  • An SEO Agency providing consultancy services or a full-time SEO consultant has certain job responsibilities to abide by. They are Search Engine Optimization Experts who excel in their knowledge and skills to grow your business online. The effort involved in SEO are:

    • Developing and implementing SEO strategy services beneficial for online marketing
    • Update website and strategies regularly to match the search engine’s requirements
    • Maintain the keyword ranking position by performing a site audit and off-page SEO strategies
    • Running online Ad Campaigns that deliver effective results in terms of ROI
    • Proactive in tweaking the website with the right links, latest web designs, and site structure
    • Proven SEO-effective results in terms of ranking, traffic, and overall analytical results

    That is why you need a dedicated full-time SEO consultant or SEO consulting agency to continually work on your website and give you proven and desired results.

What do Our SEO Consultant Services include?

There’s a comprehensive list of SEO services that we provide to our clients. It includes:

SEO Audits:

There are three types of SEO audit that we cover in the first phase.

  • On-page Audit
  • Off-page audit
  • Technical SEO audit

The on-page audit consists of checking and verifying all the onsite elements like Heading tags, meta description, Alt Tag, title tag, content, interlinking, etc. These are the basic elements that need to be corrected on the first page. Off-page audit includes checking the backlink profile of the website and tracking the types of links built for the website in the past.

We identify the broken links or any malicious links and rectify them immediately. The technical SEO audit includes deep auditing like the implementation of structured markup data, navigation route, page loading time, mobile responsiveness, and many more. Our detailed SEO audit will give the pathway on factors to improve for the better.

Competitor Analysis (Analyzing the competition in the industry)

Every industry has a competition as there is a large number of players in the market. Our next step in SEO consulting is to do a competitor analysis and make the client aware with:

  • The detailed strategy on which the competitors are working
  • Analyze SEO link building tactics
  • Checking their source of organic and paid traffic along with keyword position
  • Understand and analyze the SEO practices of the competitor’s website
  • Checking their website via analyzing it with tools like SEMrush, Ahref, etc. for detailed review.
  • Check the relevancy of anchor text and backlink used by the competitor

User Experience and Mobile-Friendliness of the Website:

That’s the first technical part we look at. As a part of the onsite optimization strategy, the website and the mobile application should be 100% responsive and updated.

Once the team analyses the responsiveness and functionality, we start devising our technical SEO strategy and check every aspect of technically managing the responsiveness as user satisfaction is the end goal.

Keyword Research

There is a big difference in search volume depending on the business location. For a national or global business, there will be huge keyword searches whereas it will be low for a local business. But how can you differentiate on which keyword to target and what search volume and completion they have?

Here comes the role of an SEO consulting firm that deeply analyses the competition and probability of the keyword that can get ranking. Our team selects those lists of keywords that are a mix of medium and high competition keeping in mind the relevancy.

Our expert SEO consulting services do the best keyword research for website optimization so that it ranks on the search engines.

Content Strategy:

Website content is a crucial factor when it comes to search engine optimization. It is popularly known that content is the king and the best content strategy is the right path to website ranking. The content strategy includes:

  • Selection of proper keywords and target the relevant landing pages for the same
  • Creating SEO-friendly content for all the webpages and distributing keywords evenly
  • Check keyword density and keyword proximity throughout the content
  • Posting the guest post on relevant websites with higher page and domain authority
  • Posting content on the website (blog/article) with the best interlinking techniques

Backlink Strategy:

Creating a WEB 2.0 backlink is effective to maintain a good backlink profile. However, there should be a strategy to it. Many websites allow creating backlinks easily but you need to check:

  • Page and Domain Authority
  • Relevancy of the website
  • Website traffic and SEO score (More than 80%)
  • Easy crawling and indexing after guest post

SEO Reporting

After completing the audit, implementing an SEO-friendly strategy, and tracking the result, it’s time to prepare a Monthly SEO report that has components like:

  • Keyword ranking status
  • Data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Traffic from organic keywords
  • Detailed website audit and figures
  • Comparison from early months and measuring the MOM growth, etc.

It is a comprehensive, detailed, and transparent report of the website’s performance and metrics such as audience engagement, site traffic, conversion rates, sales, and keyword trends. Also, SEO consulting firm regular client communication through phone calls is done to discuss the growth and strategies for the upcoming month. Good reporting creates trust factors between the SEO agency and the client.    

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We’re leading in the market as our strategies differentiate us from the rest market players. If you are a blogger and want to optimize and monetize your blog, we have a team of SEO experts for you to develop high-end strategies and you can see visible results in four-five months.

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