SEO Audit Services: Get a Complete Audit & Action Plan

What Is SEO Audit? Why It Is Important for Your Website?

An SEO audit is a process of identifying onsite and technical error on your website and rectifying it to prevent your website from being penalized by the search engine (Google). Full-fledge auditing means deep scrutiny of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO factors that prevents your site from crawling & indexing to achieve SEO ranking.  

One simple technical mistake on your site could cost you 1,000's of visitors each month.

It is mandatory for every company giving a dynamic website to conduct an SEO audit from the best SEO audit Services Company. When you conduct an audit from every aspect, it is easy for you to identify and rectify any single or multiple issues your website has. Make sure that multiple parts of auditing should include:

  • Checking Google Analytics and Goggle Search console for technical errors
  • Make sure the website is crawled and indexed for search engine page results
  • Validate the UX/UI of the website. Check whether the website is optimized for mobile devices
  • Check the backlinking profile from several free SEO audit Paid tools give you a detailed analysis.
  • Identify the backlinking opportunities and prepare a strategy to get high-quality backlinks
  • Check the content optimization strategy of the website, interlinking, and link juice.

SEO Audit Tools and their Importance:

Here, the SEO audit tool is a big help. These tools come in a free version and premium version. Where the free version is limited to use and highlights only basic factors of SEO audit, the premium version gives a detailed view of all the factors that need improvement on your website or needs an immediate change for good website health. The best way to start with an SEO audit online is to:

  • Choose the best SEO audit tool available online with a premium package
  • Prepare an SEO audit checklist that covers every aspect from onsite to technical SEO factors
  • Filter and differentiate the website audit factors that need correction.
  • Check website structure and examine whether you need a redesign or minor/major changes
  • Check for the duplicate versions of the website
  • Check the content of the website for duplicate content issues
  • Identify the loading speed of the website (should not be more than 2 seconds)

Types of SEO Audit:

Now you’re aware of how to do an SEO audit and how technical SEO audit service works for a website.   However, you should know the types of SEO audit categorization and implement them anytime when you feel that website needs a technical SEO audit. The different Types of SEO audits are:

  • Overall website audit (includes on-page, off-page and Technical SEO)
  • UX/UI design Audit
  • Mobile responsiveness audit
  • SEO keyword audit
  • SEO backlinking Audit
  • Site health Audit (specially focuses on technical SEO audit)
  • Schema Markup Structured Data Audits
  • Social Media Auditing
  • Local listing and GMB Audit

SEO audit captures the complete picture of your client’s website and shows the path to rectify all the errors and make the website search engine friendly. When a complete SEO audit is done and rectified, the search engines crawl and index your website and give it a keyword ranking position. When the website is placed at the top of the SERP, you get a high volume of organic traffic.

Why SEO Audit Is Important for Your Website?

Are you unsure that your website isn’t ranking better or search engines prefer your competitors for top ranking? Why is your website affected?  If such is the case, you should not give a second thought as to why do an SEO audit. Connect with an SEO audit expert and get your website audited as they work on SEO audit points that you may not be aware of. Here are some of the primary reasons to get your website with end-to-end SEO audits:

  • SEO audit analyses website via high-end tools and gives a clear picture of your website health
  • It saves your website from being penalized by search engines
  • It allows easy crawling and indexing of your website
  • After an SEO audit, you have a higher probability of search engine ranking
  • You will be able to find whether your site is improperly indexed and does not rank on search engines.
  • Removal of any toxic backlink that harms your website’s health and linking profile
  • You lose organic ranking and relevant traffic to your website

What are the steps in SEO Audit?

Now you have a website that Google does not prefer to rank. You might be bewildered on what are the reasons but could not find the exact one. Simultaneously, you feel to have an SEO audit done but do not know how to do an SEO audit or what steps to follow for SEO audit are: Here, digital marketing agencies into the picture and run an SEO audit of your website. From technical SEO audits to off-page backlinking audits; here are some steps that SEO experts choose for a comprehensive site audit:

  • Ensure that Only One version of your website is crawlable and indexable:

There can be multiple versions of the website running on the search engine. This confuses the crawler as its s a duplicate page issue. The first step is to check whether you have a fixed version of your website activity or not. If yes, then redirect other versions to a single website with a fixed URL.

  • Let SEO Audit Tools crawl your website:

When you run an SEO audit, tools will help you in giving your website’s clear picture.  These tools have crawlers who crawl your website within minutes to show assess your website health.

  • Check for Indexation and Brand Ranking:

Login into the Search console and check whether the site is indexed or not.  If indexed, check the number of pages indexed and not indexed. The search console shows every technical error. Moreover, type your brand name and check whether your business has a ranking or not.

  • Start with Basic on-page SEO Site Audit:

Give a quick check on some factors like H1, H2 tags, Meta data, content, interlinking, site structure, etc. Keep noticing the errors as per the SEO audit checklist.

  • Check For thin and duplicate content:

Certain duplicate content check tools list out the percentage of original and plagiarized content. Remove any thin and plagiarized content from the website and pot SEO-friendly content for Google to crawl and index. 

  • Check website Loading Speed:

If the website loading speed is less than 2 seconds, it needs treatment. Loading speed is one of the essential Google ranking factors that every website has to abide by.

Other SEO Audit factors Include:

  • Analyze organic and paid traffic to the website
  • Find keyword position for low, medium, and high competition keywords
  • Check broken links connected with the website
  • Fill in the content gaps by making content 10x stronger
  • Perform a content audit
  • Optimize For UX Signals
  • Check redirects of the website, URL structure, fix internal linking etc.
  • Fix Orphan page issues. These are pages that are blank and do not serve any purpose.

The complete SEO audit takes time, at least a week or two to resolve all the on-page issues and make your fresh website for Google to crawl and index.  

SEO Audit Services by WebZyro:

Creating Actionable SEO audit Strategies for Remarkable Online Presence:

On-Page SEO:

It is one of the parts of SEO auditing that focuses on removing the onsite errors which is a big hurdle for your website rankings. Issues like improper heading tags, metadata, page content, navigation features, design of the website, responsiveness, mobile-friendliness, structured markup data issues, etc. Once your on-page SEO becomes strong and indexable in the eyes of search engines, you will get keyword ranking. Not only rankings your website will be always preferred by google over a competitor if you make updates frequently.    

Link Building:

Are you unaware of the importance of link building to your site? Linking building gives your website a strong backlink profile along with good link juice. The internal linking (internal pages linked from each other) and external linking from WEB2.0 websites having higher DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) matters a lot. The stronger backlink profile I tracked by Google and one of the major factors of search engine optimization.

 Landing Page Design:

The users you target online must land on a specific page to know about the products and services you are selling. This specific page is called the landing page in SEO terms where users get what they are searching for. The page is technically designed to capture leads or to convert a user into a customer. The page has multiple information, product/service descriptions, and attractive design with forms. A highly optimized landing page gives more leads and sales.

Custom Website Development:

Website development is the first phase from where the online journey starts. Businesses that need an online presence should focus on building a static/dynamic website. The most popular platform is WordPress where you can customize your website in the development phase and construct a highly designed website indexable by search engines and gives better UX/UI for the online audience. You need to connect with skilled website developers and get your custom website development done.

SEO Content Writing Services:

Digital marketers are website-o-holics! They have vast experience in managing your website right from the creation and development phase to making it live for the users to search and discover online. One of the crucial factors is the content of the website. Search engines do not like thin content or irrelevant content on the web pages. You need to create content that is keyword rich, meaningful, and relevant to the product/service you offer. Google crawlers love to crawl those websites having a good content profile and internal linking structure.

E-commerce SEO

Do you own an online store but customers cannot search you? Not to worry! Your e-store might not have any errors, but you are missing e-commerce SEO that will enrich your website with all ranking factors that search engines need to index and show on the top search results.  E-commerce SEO is the process to conduct on-page and off-page strategies and implement the same to be visible on the search engine results page.


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