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What Is Keyword Research? What is its Importance?

Keywords are the search terms that online users type in search engines to search for a product or service. There are many variations of a single keyword search. Marketers who get a high volume of keywords from these tools keep researching how many keywords and what type of keywords are suitable for online business optimization. This deep research is called the keyword research that marketers conduct to finalize a set of keywords and their landing pages

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Keyword for Your Online Business?

Digital marketers know the importance of keyword research in SEO and how important it is to choose the right keyword from a volume of keywords. Not every keyword can be targeted to optimize your website. There are three main factors based on which keywords are chosen:

  • Search volume
  • Competitiveness
  • Cost per click (for paid Ads)

Whether organic or paid marketing, keyword research is one of the initial processes and most important steps in:

  • SEO optimization plan and technique to use the chosen keyword
  • The paid marketing cost (cost on clicks, bid, and total budget)
  • Maintaining an overall content structure of the website
  • The use of these keywords in the content body and optimize the site for search engines

Keyword Research Services

There’s a lot to do with keywords. Before you start researching the keywords, you need a better strategy for it. WebZyro believes in creating and following a strategy before heading to any final implementation of digital services. We do keyword research for:

Link Building

We know how and why building a relevant backlink is important for the website. Through link building, we create a link on the anchor text (which is usually a keyword or search term) that redirects the user to our website. Having a good backlink profile is beneficial as it helps in ranking the website on top of the search engines. We also use keywords for competitor analysis and create a link-building strategy that gives exceptional results.

Landing Page Design

If you think a landing page is just designing a page for better user experience and capturing leads, you are wrong. The content on the landing page has to revolve around the keywords that you have researched for your SEO strategy and paid marketing strategy. The landing page should have the keyword in the content. It is a good practice as per search engine rules and for the users. It defines the webpage you have created for the users.

SEO Content Writing Services

The keywords are the main factor when it comes to creating SEO-friendly content. At WebZyro, we create SEO-optimized content and provide SEO content writing services for our client. We draft SEO content after deep keyword research and then utilizing those keywords in the content body, not in a promotional but in a natural way. A piece of content having sufficient keywords and search queries boosts the organic ranking of the website/blog.

Blog Management Services:

Blogs and articles are the best forms of writeups that convey your information/story in a unique way. If you are a blogger and want to rank and monetize your blog, we have the right team for you. From creating blog and article content to promoting it online on social media and several other platforms, WebZyro marketing experts are ready to start your blog site from the scratch.

Digital PR and Online reputation Management:

Promoting your business via several media houses through digital PR is well-managed by the WebZyro team. We have collaborations with top media channels online where we feature your article that are reachable to millions. Also, online reputation management is our forte. We have a super active team for social listening and response management over all social channels and popular news portals. We do not let anybody go without appreciating their comments whether good or bad.

Social Media Management:

Want to create a good social media presence for your business? If yes, you need to be present on all the social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Regular posting of social media content gives a good reputation to the business brand. Our team is actively involved in managing all your social channels by posting relevant keyword and service-based content and managing any conversation, lead, or prospective customer to the marketing department.

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How WebZyro Does Keyword Research for Its Clients?

Keyword research in SEO gives you the search intent of users who are searching for products/businesses online and want to make a purchase decision. A group of keywords with accurate data will give the marketer an insight into what the users are searching for.

However, the research has a defined process that every SEO expert knows. There are certain keyword research tools free for use. It is better to buy the paid version and analyze the searches as paid tools give keyword insights in detail with accuracy.

One of the tools is the Google keyword planner. The digital experts at WebZyro focus on a proper procedure and pick the best keywords suitable for your business. Our keyword research service starts from:

Analyzing The Current Business-Related Keyword:

We brainstorm a list of broad keywords by analyzing different categories of products/services you provide. Start breaking them down by categorization and maintain the same in an excel sheet. The best example can be a bakery that deals in the number of confectionary items like cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

If it’s a local business, you can choose to work on keywords that have a local search with the city name. If it is a national business, the keyword search intent changes and the focus is on broad keywords, like online cake delivery, best cake delivery service, etc. We step in the customer’s shoes and list down the search results favorable for the business.

Use Keyword Research Tools and Choose High-Performing Keywords:

Type one of the searches in the keyword tool and it fetches the list of keywords with their volume, competition, and other data.  Here the fun begins.  There’s a probability that you can miss those pockets of keywords that needs targeting, and choose the low resulting keywords for the business. This should not happen as it can completely destroy the SEO Strategy.

No marketers will ever target such keywords that are irrelevant or has low search volume. We follow the best practice to choose keywords with high and medium search volume along with those that define the user search intent. If keywords have no intent or do not belong to a business nature, then selecting such keywords is a waste of time, analytical skills, and energy.

Choose a Mix of keywords based on Competition:

Apart from the intent, one of the main factors that work in selecting the keywords is the competition level. The best free keyword research tool or the paid one, both show the keywords with their competition level. Also, the keywords are checked for their SEO difficulty score.

Higher the percentage value, the more difficult they are for search engine optimization, which means the keyword ranking for that specific keyword and landing page will take more time or longer time to rank as compared to the lower competition keywords.

So, search engine marketers at WebZyro choose a clever mix of medium and high competition keywords along with long-tail keywords and prepare a final list of keywords for optimization. Whenever needed, this list of keywords is updated.  

Which Are the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

Most of the keyword research tools come with free and paid versions. The free version is for trial and does not fetch results in detail. You need to upgrade to the premium version where you can see keyword results along with several other data. If you want the best free keyword research tool, then the Google keyword tool is the best selection as the google keyword planner is widely used are:

  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Ahref keyword generator
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Spyfu
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Keyworddit
  • WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

One can see the variations of a single keyword through these tools and get to know what online users are searching for and their search intent. Once you start the keyword research process, you are exposed to a list of keywords and you can choose or categorize them as per search intent. When the keywords are finalized, you can start optimizing your content with a strong content strategy.

Does Search Intent Matter During Keyword Research In SEO?

It’s the keyword intent, the major factor, that matters during keyword research process. It identifies what the users want to search and the frequency in which they are searching. Search intent is categorized into four major parts:

  • Informational Intent:
    This type of intent defines that user are looking out for informational content to educate themselves on a topic. e.g., NIFT entrance exam syllabus, Admission procedure in NIFT, etc.
  • Transactional Intent:
    These are the shop-o-holics who search for products on e-commerce website. They research on different websites and choose to purchase from where they find the lowest price deal. They are ready to purchase and are final on their decision. Such keywords have intent like buy men’s shoes online, designer men’s kurta online, etc.
  • Commercial Intent:
    Such intent describes that the consumers have made a final purchase decision and they are in the last part of their purchase funnel. They are the ones who have strong intent to buy their need from the internet.
  • Navigational Intent:
    They are the ones who are looking or searching from one website to another to get information about the products or services offered. 


    Based on these search intent, one can filter keywords and target them for optimization of the client’s website. The SEO strategy goes wrong when you select the wrong intent keywords for a specific website. When it comes to local business, the keyword intent should focus on location-specific searches that has no connection to do with national or global level keywords.


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