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What is Google Penalty Recovery ?

Google penalty recovery is a process of website treatment when it is affected by search engine updates. The search engine (Google) has mainly two updates that rule the world of the internet. They are:

  • Panda Update
  • Penguin Update

Any penalized website either manual or by any algorithmic action is a danger to the entire digital effort made by the SEO experts. If your website is penalized, you need a google penalty recovery service to get the website back into action. Through the Google Penalty service, you can regain:

  • Your website’s keyword ranking
  • Good backlinks and removal of all the malicious backlinks
  • Organic traffic to the website

WebZyro Google Penalty Recovery Service and Penalty Removal:

If you are the one looking for a Google penalty recovery service or google penalty removal service, your search ends at WebZyro. WebZyro SEO penalty removal service starts from scratch by analyzing the website’s current condition and preparing a recovery strategy. Get in touch with the WebZyro team, the best digital marketing agency, as we adopt all the white-hat SEO techniques to pull your website out of the search engine penalty. Our team of SEO experts starts their job of google penalty recovery by:

Decide The Severity of The Penalty by Site Auditing: This is the first step where the team comprehensively analyses the facts, reasons, and level of severity of the penalization. Through the audit, we come to know the reasons why the website is penalized. It can be due to low-quality links, or it might be an improper UX/UI experience. We consider every minute factors that lead to the penalty whatever the reasons are.

Classification Of the Penalty Factors and Reasons: After a complete and comprehensive analysis, the team starts classifying the reasons. As we know that there can be more than a single reason and each reason has a different penalty recovery process. Our team lists out all the factors and classifies them to reach a solution. With the help of the best SEO tools, we can easily know and classify the issues and how to resolve them.

Prepare a defined Strategy for Recovery: Every SEO-packed action has a defined strategy behind the scen e. It is impossible to start working on a penalized website without a well-defined strategy. The WebZyro team brainstorms every fact to deal with the best solution. We are experts in drafting down a 100% result-oriented strategy that works in lifting out your penalized website.

Recover & reinstate the website from SEO penalty: After WebZyro creates a website recovery strategy, we start implementing the from all the affected directions. Whether it’s the removal of the bad backlinks or redesigning the website by following the Google panda and penguin update, we work from all the directions and pitch the search engine to record our recovery efforts. Penalty recovery is a time-taking process, but once recovered and reinstated, there are no chances of penalization again. We use and recommend using every white hat SEO technique so that no penalization affects the website in the future.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Create Actionable Penalty Recovery Strategies for Users and Search Engines

SEO Audit:

Webzyro knows how SEO audit matters and the techniques involved in the audit to get the maximum benefits. When an SEO audit is in process for a penalized website, Webzyro SEO experts leave no opportunity to remove the unwanted requirements from the website. Whether in the case of a penalized website or a normal SEO-friendly website, we think that SEO auditing is a regular process and we conduct it every fifteen days. Connect with our experts and get to know how our team works for your SEO growth through multiple SEO audits.

On-Page SEO

WebZyro is committed to digital services and one of our strengths is the On-page SEO service that our experts are specialized in. Our experts scan every website page and work on 300+ onsite errors of a website. We have a team dedicated to resolving the on-page errors and making your website SEO-friendly. If you have on-page errors on your website that you cannot detect and resolve, connect with the WebZyro team and get it resolved instantly.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is the process of hiring an SEO professional and using their consulting service for SEO, keyword ranking, and other digital services. WebZyro is open to their clients for SEO consulting. Not only our existing clients but the service is open to the new clients who want our consulting service to switch their business to online mode. If you are a new business or do not have any online existence, you are welcome to WebZyro. Our experts will guide you.

Link Building

Link building on the website is done to create a strong backlink profile of the website. It contains two types of links- External links and Internal links. Where the external link is created on the other websites having high PA and DA, the internal linking is done within the relevant pages with optimized anchor text. Connect with WebZyro and we’ll provide you with the best link-building service for your website. Apart from on-page optimization, we also work on off-page optimization through an effective link-building service.

Local SEO

Do you own a local business and want to switch your business online? Do you want your website to generate local business leads? If yes, then WebZyro’s Local SEO service is meant only for you. Being a digital marketing agency, we believe that every business should tap their online audience and convert them to prospective customers. For that, you need to make your website visible to the local users and WebZyro does it for you. Connect with us and know why Local SEO is important for your business.

Blog Management Services:

Webzyro is the one-stop solution for all digital services. If you are a blogger and want to monetize your blog and looking for a blog management services, webzyro has everything covered for you. Our team of highly qualified content writers and WordPress developers are there for you to build up your blog from scratch to a position where every blog of yours ranks on the top of the SERPs for the users.

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Webzyro Website Auditing Service To Avoid Search Engine Penalty

A regular website audit is the only solution to avoid search engine penalties as it reminds or signals you if any activity goes beyond the search engine norms and rules: It is mandatory to audit the website at a regular interval because:

  • It gives the SEO experts an idea about the website’s status
  • It helps in creating strategies for the future SEO plans and activities
  • It gives a clear picture of the link building status and areas for improvement
  • To regain and maintain the ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Keep an action plan ready for any upcoming steps to identify ad rectify onsite errors.

WebZyro conducts SEO audits for their clients every fifteen days and checks the website health to take necessary SEO-friendly strategic actions to avoid penalization. As our team starts rectifying penalties, you will notice:

  • A rise in the keyword ranking in the Search Engine Page Result (SERP)
  • Good-Quality backlinks that increase link juice
  • Increase in the organic traffic and traffic from all other sources

If you take proper recovery steps, it notifies Google and the search engine starts considering your website to remove the penalty.

How does Webzyro Remove the Google Penguin Penalty?

Google penguin penalty relates to link issues. A website’s link profile is the most mandatory factor that google detects to provide SEO ranking. If the search engines find huge low-quality backlinks that point to your website, it is against their algorithm, it will penalize the website using the penguin norms. The penguin update relates to link building where the users have to build backlinks on the trusted websites of high PA and DA. When penguin update is concerned, our SEO team starts by:

  • List all the backlinks in one place and analyze the good and spammy ones
  • Check the links via high-end SEO tools that differentiate good and bad backlinks
  • Collect all the low-quality links and use the Disavow function for removing the backlinks
  • Another method is to connect with the webmaster of that particular low-quality backlink and request them to remove the links.
  • Once the link is removed, the website is free from all the bad links. Google will lift the penguin penalty.

But the journey does not end here! The team at WebZyro monitors the traffic and other changes after the penalty is lifted and works for a sustainable result.

How does Webzyro Contribute to The Removal of The Google Panda Penalty Recovery Process?

Another penalty that searches engines impose on the websites is the penalty by Panda update. The Panda update hits websites with a very low content profile or misleading content on their web pages for users and search engine crawlers. A website, undoubtedly, having good structure and functionality cannot raise its authenticity if it has wrong or misleading content. If your website is hit by the panda penalty, it’s the webzyro, the digital marketing agency where you need to connect immediately. Our team starts working on removing the panda update by:

  • Checking the webpage and analyzing its content
  • Internal and external link auditing
  • Check duplicate content issues and devise a plan for panda penalty recovery service
  • Change the entire content and internal linking structure of the website
  • Make the webpage a high-value webpage for both users and search engines

Once the WebZyro team analyses the content issues, it believes in the fact that “Content is the king”. Our team starts curating fresh and SEO-friendly content with relevant internal linking to make the content authentic for users and search engines to crawl and index.

Webzyro #1 Digital Agency for Google Penalty Recovery Services

Do you want your website to be free from the effects of Google Panda and Penguin updates? Have you noticed a drastic change in the metrics of your website like traffic and backlinks?

We are sure that your website is 100% penalized due to technical reasons. Google Algorithmic updates like Panda and Penguin might be the major reasons. Do Not Worry! WebZyro will lift your  

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